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Chatterbox: No more delays for democracy


We are now entering the most beautiful time of the year but, regardless of the holiday group hug, recent elections leave Americans cold. We’re facing the continuation of a divided, implacable, self-important Congress.

It appears we have gotten, unfortunately and again, a leadership against itself and worthless to its people. Republicans have held onto the House, Democrats are in control of the Senate, and we the people aren’t in charge of anything. So, we’ll continue to deal with the stagnancy of greed and the irony of conceit in Congress.

It’s already been announced that House and Senate will continue agreeing to disagree instead of behaving like important, empowered civil servants moving forward and doing their job, doing a better job, and achieving the betterment of this nation as a whole. We’re going to have another round of discord, ridiculousness, stubborn stalemates and chest thumping holding America back. It’s another delay in not only being what we are supposed to be, what we need to be, and what we should be, but in becoming anything past the world’s place to point and laugh.

We must look at the power of individuals who don’t budge from certain positions. Many, if not most, of us, regardless of whom we vote for, are sick of looking into the faces of the ancient ones … those long in the tooth of their comfortable and well-compensated positions, for whom the most stalwart effort of their work is to keep themselves in that cushy spot. It doesn’t make for good government.

Let’s face it; much of this rhetoric can be attributed to either party, depending on how we see things from our own personal side of the aisle. If we are people with a finger in the corporate pie, we can look at the Democrats and get very upset at the way they give away the nation’s money, keeping or creating programs that feed the people who we may feel are feasting on the American dime.

On the other side of the literal aisle, there are those of us who look at the Republicans and get very upset that they do the same thing with different groups benefiting. We may abhor the way they ignore progress, dig in their heels and refuse to allow change that would benefit the nation as a whole instead of enriching only certain ingratiated sections of it.

The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same things, expecting different results. Yet, this is what the American leadership has been doing through too many administrations. What we need to do to rectify the situation is push our elected officials to put personal gain aside and admit, honestly, what is preventing us, as a whole nation, from moving forward. We must do this if we want to compete commercially on a world stage and if we want Americans at large to have jobs and gain financial stability. The only way to create a strong nation that keeps up with technological development and competes on a global stage is to unify, to back burner the huge personal gains for some and to get a grip on the runaway egos and insatiable greed that is feeding our demise. We must scrub the lice out of the government leadership and hand the reins to some new blood ... new leaders who must have more equitable views and who are not obligated to anyone or anything.

We’ve already been informed that our leadership intends to continue to defer, deter and derail progress and change. Our elected officials will continue to get paid for stonewalling, chest beating, and exemplifying the best of ignorance and insecurity. We’ll be subjected to another election cycle of watching them fight not only among themselves, but for themselves.

To those of us who work through it all, who get caught in the crunch, sacrificing and still struggling to feed our family, and being suffocated by the chokehold of neurotic pride and corporate ownership, we say to them, “get over yourself, then get on with your job.”

One of bees in our leadership’s bonnet is the need for those getting hand-outs and living on the government dime to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and make it work, but many of those legislators should follow their own advice.

Our leadership must be made to understand that their career in politics, intended to be temporary and not a path to wealth, isn’t the important thing. They are not important. Their backers aren’t important. Their paid political agenda isn’t important. America is.