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Bucks to provide face shields to students, staff

Last week, Bucks County Commissioners said the county will provide plastic face shields to all students and staff in Bucks’ 13 school districts, both public and private.
“We think this is a great way for them to all start off together with that same protection, said the commissioner’s chairwoman, Diane Ellis-Marseglia, during a virtual press conference.
The shields, noted Marseglia, will allow students and staff to see each other’s mouths, while offering protection from COVID-19.
The county anticipates needing about 200,000 face shields for primary and secondary public schools and private schools, said Larry King, Bucks County’s director of communications, in an email. Each shield is expected to cost $3.95, he said, totaling some $790,000.
Providing face shields to preschools is also being considered, said King.
Details as to exactly how many shields and in what sizes are still being discussed and no order has yet been placed, said King. Funding from the county’s approximately $109 million portion of the federal CARES Act will be used to pay for the face guards, added King.