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Bucks native Stephen Althouse exhibits unique works in Lancaster


Works by Bucks County native Stephen Althouse are featured in the Lancaster Museum of Art’s current exhibition, “Tools & Relics: Photography Assemblages by Stephen Althouse,” on view through Feb. 27.
Althouse’s unique artwork includes extremely large-scale (up to 8 feet wide) black and white photographs of unusual still-life subjects, with secret messages written in Braille embedded in some of the images. He is a sculptor who uses the medium of photography as the last part of his creative process.

Tools & Relics features Althouse’s large-scale black and white archival pigment prints of minimalist assemblages of tools, cloth, and found objects arranged and photographed by the artist. The artwork metaphorically expresses Althouse’s experiences with, observations of, and questions about humankind; often alluding to labor, spirituality, and warfare in a manner totally unique to this artist.
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