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Bucks native shows photos in Doylestown


Caitlin Bevacqua will be available for a Meet and Greet to discuss her work, from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 17, at Phoenix Art Supplies & Framing, 1810 S. Easton Road, Doylestown.

The exhibit can be seen during store hours throughout August.

Caitlin E. W. Bevacqua is a professional photographer and a Bucks County native. She holds a B.S. in Fine Arts, Photography from Hofstra University.

Fascinated by cameras from a young age, Bevacqua has been a working photographer for over a decade. From portraiture to weddings to editorial work, she has experience in most photographic ventures.

However, fine art has always been her first love.

The philosophy Bevacqua follows is a simple one: “Your camera is a tool, much like a painter’s brush. You are the artist behind it, creating the photographs.”

She employs this philosophy in both her working ventures, and in the “Photography for Beginners” class she teaches to hobbyists. Another facet of this philosophy is the name of her photography firm, “I.L.L. Pro Photo.” I.L.L. stands for “Ink, Light, Lens,” the three components of any memorable photograph.

The collection of work displayed at The Little Gallery at Phoenix is called “The Spaces Between.” The artist has always been drawn to bodies of water, the solitude of nature and the anonymity of the city.

While other artistic mediums require a more lengthy span of time to observe and capture their subjects, most photographs are taken in hundredths of a second. This liminal quality, this space between what was and what’s next, is what the artist has captured here. The one single moment, preserved forever on film that will never be the same again, is where Bevacqua finds her artistry.