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Bucks County SPCA turns 110


For more than a century, the Bucks County SPCA has been caring for animals with a passion and dedication evident in both its longevity and remarkable record of compassion.
From its founding in 1912, when Knickerbacker Davis and Agent Walter Tyron traversed the county on a motorcycle, responding to animal emergencies and investigating cases of abuse and neglect, to today’s Bucks SPCA with its two locations, the independent agency is considered the oldest in Bucks County to provide a wide array of services, said Cindy Kelly, the agency’s communications director.
With decades of community support, the highly regarded, animal welfare agency has provided shelter to hundreds of thousands of animals. In addition, it’s responsible for strengthening animal welfare laws, investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty cases and neutering and spaying countless dogs and cats. Of course, it may be best known for finding foster homes and adoptions for animals in need of a home, bringing much joy to many families.
The first shelter opened in Lahaska in the early 1930s, despite the Great Depression. It was doubled in size in 1958 and, in 2017, underwent a major expansion of its clinic. This year, renovations are planned for the facility’s small animal and adoption wing.
While celebrating its 110th birthday, the organization is also marking the 10th anniversary of the opening of its Quakertown shelter, which includes a barn and pastures for farm animals in need of shelter and care.

BCSPCA board president, Dianne Magee, recently highlighted the Richland Township facility’s impact, citing the more than 20,000 animals served; the nearly 10,000 adopted and the 1,000 animals rescued by the agency’s cruelty investigation team.
Marcia Hill, a former BCSPCA board member, is credited with much of the effort to bring the shelter to Upper Bucks. “It’s wonderful to know that so many lives have been touched through the good work done here,” she said, during a celebration in Quakertown.
Magee reminded the public that BCSPCA is not affiliated with any other animal welfare organization and is not a branch or chapter of the ASPCA. Despite its name, it is not funded by the county or any municipality.
“The Bucks County SPCA has always relied on the support of individuals and businesses who share our mission,” she said, in a statement.

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