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Bucks County judges won’t consider Central Bucks voting maps


All 18 Bucks County judges have recused themselves from hearing a case considering the redistricting of voting maps for the Central Bucks School District.

In an order from the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas, Judge Jeffrey G. Trauger notified all parties involved Tuesday morning that the hearing scheduled for Thursday Feb. 9 was canceled.

“Due to a full bench recusal of this Court, and the pendency of the appointment of an out-of-county senior judge the scheduling of any hearings on these matters is continued generally,” the order reads.

As a result, the existing electoral maps will remain in place through the 2025 election, said Jeffrey Garton, the Central Bucks School District’s attorney.

“It’s unusual and unexpected,” said Garton, of the full bench recusal. “I did not anticipate it.”

Brendan Flynn, an attorney representing “CBSD Fair Votes” said, “We look forward to presenting our case in court once a new judge is assigned."

CBSD Fair Votes, a grassroots citizens group challenged the school district’s proposed map realigning voting districts and filed its own map late last month. The group is backed by attorneys at Curtin & Heefner, which has long supported progressive candidates for political office.

This a developing story.

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