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Bucks County based GMG Insurance thrives during pandemic

Rather than being hindered by the shutdown ordered in March due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Langhorne-based GMG Insurance Agency has thrived.
GMG achieved success during the pandemic because for years the agency has been preparing for weather events, technology outages or anything that could jeopardize the office environment and servicing clients, the agency said.
Social distancing in the office was not reactionary since the company had already put in place the tools to move staff to working remotely in minutes – literally.
“GMG has worked proactively for years by investing in technology to be prepared for any scenario that could impact our agency, clients and employees,” said Charles A. Thomas, principal, GMG Insurance Agency. “As a result of our planning and execution, we were more than well-prepared to protect our employees, maintain business continuity and sustain full service operations for our clients,” he added.
Ron Viehweger, principal, GMG Insurance Agency added, “We are proud that our services were never interrupted and that we even improved servicing our clients with a new website that it makes it easier to access all policy info along with our GMG 24/7 app.”
GMG was founded in 1937 in Bucks County, and current partners Viehweger, of Carversville, and Thomas, of Stockton, N.J., joined forces and took over the agency 17 years ago.
During that time they opened a West Coast office in Laguna Beach, Calif., helmed by agent Pat Freeman, along with several agency acquisitions. However, staying true to its roots, GMG continues to operate as a Bucks County business.
GMG has operated using: cloud-based technology for its agency management systems; VOIP and softphone technology; paperless technologies, including docusign, electronic policy delivery and dual or sometimes triple screens for its agents to save paper along with maximizing efficient communications with its clients and insurance companies; and Zoom and other technologies to hold virtual meetings, which it has done for years.
It has a staff with little turnover and many years of experience because the average tenure of employment is approximately 20 years. The staff is adaptable and willing to embrace new technologies as they become available, the agency said.
The agency’s GMG 24/7 technology allows clients to access everything they need at any given time, and its new website allows agents to further service clients. GMG has added Compliance and COVID-19 Resource Center sections to its website, specifically for its Employee Benefits clients.
GMG said it has alerted and helped its auto policy clients save money from various carrier incentive driving programs, and driving less during the pandemic has resulted in significant savings.
Lastly, GMG has expanded its staff and is in the process of hiring another Personal Lines Account manager.
GMG works with over 40 carriers within its commercial, personal (home, auto, boat, collectibles) and employee benefits departments including Human Resources support. GMG is also licensed in almost every state, giving it the ability to meet coverage demands for clients who own homes in multiple states or who expand businesses across state lines. For information, visit GMG online.