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Bucks artist launches pet memorial collection


Local artist and entrepreneur, Tari Zarka, launches her TZ Glass Pet Memorial Collection with The Grommet on March 29.

In this collection Zarka carefully encases the ashes of a beloved lost pet inside layers of borosilicate glass. Zarka, who has been crafting in glass for more than 15 years, only recently started encasing pets ashes at the request of a customer. Last fall, she decided to pitch this product to The Grommet.

The Grommet is a product discover platform reviewing over 15,000 products annually, and selecting only 3 percent to launch on its website. With a community of over 4 million people following its launches via email and social media, and over 22 million website visits annually, being launched on The Grommet could prove to be the next big step up for Zarka.

She founded her company, AAOTE (Aspiring Artists of the Earth) in 2004. The company is based in Dublin, on the grounds of Zarka’s grandparent’s former pantyhose factory.

AAOTE’s aromatherapy and gemstone collections are found in over 160 retail locations nationwide, including Whole Foods stores in the North East and Mid-Atlantic regions, and all six locations of Kimberton Whole Foods.

Visit The Grommet and Aspiring Artists of the Earth online to learn more.