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Buckingham Friends School celebrates class of 2020


After three months away, members of the eighth grade class, their immediate families and several teachers returned to campus on June 12 – in socially-distanced ways – to celebrate the Class of 2020, conclude Buckingham Friends School’s 225th year, and hold graduation on the upper field.

A warm yet especially beautiful June day graced everyone’s arrival, and the campus was in full glory.

Students sang and played music, adding to the overall spirit and meaning of the event. Seventh grade teacher Steve Bernardini delivered a personal and moving speech for the graduates and all attendees to consider.

And, as the close relationships between teachers and students at BFS are at the core of all that the school values and its educational experiences, each eighth grader was individually recognized by a member of the faculty.

Especially meaningful and poignant were the individual and heartfelt reflections shared by the graduating eighth graders about their many years at BFS. Their ability to express themselves while touching upon the essence of BFS’s mission and core values was uplifting and affirming.

As one graduate stated, “I am so grateful to BFS for the way this school has prepared me to enter a new chapter of my life ... I found the BFS environment to be uniquely nurturing of my interests in all things STEM.

“But BFS is much more than a great place to study. It is also a tight-knit community of students, teachers, and even school administrators, whose friendships will stay with me forever. The lessons I have learned are not limited to math, science, English, social studies and French. I have also learned about the importance of curiosity, self-confidence, friendship and kindness. And I hope that I carry those lessons with me my entire lifetime.”

Everyone at Buckingham Friends School wishes the Class of 2020 much success and happiness as they continue their educational paths next year at the following independent and public schools: Emma Willard, George School, Germantown Academy, New Hope-Solebury High School, and Solebury School.

Buckingham Friends School is a K-8 independent school that celebrates the spirit of youth and stewards the promise of each individual to build an engaged learning community. Learn more at or 215-794-7491.