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Bridget Wingert: Happy to Be Here

Image makes the difference


Just walk into the office of Mind Your Design and you know what to say. “What’s that for?” A big 30 is the first thing you see, numbers more than 3 feet tall fabricated as an illuminated sign.
It was created for the Michener Art Museum’s 30th anniversary by the design business founded by Paul Boger, who is now celebrating his own anniversary, the 10th.
The office is in the center of Doylestown Borough down a little alley and a few steps from Main Street. And it’s the place Boger wants to be, where it’s easy for his many local clients, like the Michener, to find him.
Boger called it “A mighty small business” in the press release he sent out. He boasts that Mind Your Design “gives new businesses legs.”
“It all started as a scribbled idea in a dot-grid notepad: mind your design,” the press release says. “Fast forward 10 years and what you’ll discover is a locally owned design agency ... a seasoned and bustling team of creatives and technologists, and a well-established business with a passion for going the extra mile.”
Boger is a local, a Central Bucks West graduate like his wife, Kris, who joined the business in 2016. Paul, the creative director, majored in communications at Penn State, Kris, a marketing major at Pitt, runs studio operations and supports clients with communications.
Together they’ve gathered hundreds of clients ranging from mom and pop local businesses to major corporations. The main focus is in their backyard, but the studio has seen work published across the country and internationally. “Through their work in particular with small businesses, nonprofits, and cultural institutions, Mind Your Design has built a track record of bringing value that far exceeds design to the clients they partner with,” Paul said.
The work is all about enhancing a company’s or institution’s brand, its name, its image, its presentation. “Our multidisciplinary approach creates continuity and beauty for your brand,” the website says.
“We’re not your typical agency. Our passion resides in solving problems and empowering growth for brands through hard work and creative thinking. We partner with your team to support you in good times and tough times. Our strategic, creative, and technical resources make us a strong extension for teams both small and large. You won’t find packages or pre-built templates here. We work with you to craft custom solutions that align with the unique needs of your brand.”
The team of about 15 designers working from remote locations through the Doylestown office, was able to keep going in the COVID-19 pandemic. The team went above and beyond its duties through lockdowns and masking, emerging this spring as intense as it has always been, maybe more so.

“It’s been a wild adventure. The entire business is really just this amazing, endless collaboration by an evolving team of creative people. For 10 years we’ve stuck to one essential principle: work hard and help others. We’ve had incredible opportunities, made lasting friendships and owe a great deal of thanks to our community for making it possible,” said Paul Boger.
The Bogers, believers in giving back to the community, have a major interest in the Doylestown Arts Festival, its planning and operation. Kris has directed the festival for seven years. She’s volunteered as the first chair of the Doylestown Pride Festival and the Doylestown 5K Race director and photographer. Mind Your Design donates over 1,000 hours of work to local causes each year. And members of the team also volunteer – setting up displays, joining advisory boards, showing up to help at events – and cleaning up trash.
Paul has been working in Doylestown since he was at Lenape Middle School in local shops and offices. For as long as he can remember, he wanted to have his own business.
John Davis, Doylestown Borough manager, praised the team, “I’m just so thankful to have Mind Your Design in this community. I’ve been here for over 30 years and they are the most selfless, civic-minded businesses I’ve ever encountered ... I wish more people knew how much MYD does for Doylestown. The Bogers and the time they spend are vital to dozens of borough activities.”
The tiny front office is crammed with memorabilia, posters and vintage tools, totally appealing in its clutter. It’s an image that reflects the imaginative nature of the occupants.
In an interview last week, Paul looked over at the big 30 illuminated sign that was used for the museum’s anniversary. He planned to use it again for a business’s upcoming celebration.
“Who knows,” he said. “Maybe we’ll use it for Mind Your Design’s 30th.”