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Block grant will compensate volunteer firefighters


Sellersville Borough Council has approved a resolution that provides a grant of $7,200 to the Sellersville Fire Department, which is composed of volunteer members.

Borough Manager David Rivet said money is divided up to provide a modicum of compensation to the men and women who freely give of their time to protect the town and surrounding municipalities.

“The money is divided among active members according to eligibility for active participation over the course of the year,” said Rivet.

For instance, to be eligible, a firefighter must meet minimum criteria that include participating in at least 15 percent of emergency response calls, attending at least 10 training classes or sessions sponsored by or sanctioned by the department, and participating in a minimum of 12 department fundraising events or other department-based activities, Rivet said.

Rivet noted that the borough also provides a $10,000 donation to the department.

He praised the firefighters for their work.

“They not only provide firefighting protection to the community; they respond to traffic accidents where traffic control, vehicle extrication or vehicle fires are present, provide fire prevention educational events, and are sponsoring Explorer Post 2767,” Rivet said.

“Additionally, the fire hall is the social hub of the community.”

According to the fire department website, the local volunteers responded to 383 incidents in 2018. That was up from 307 in 2017.

In 2018, Sellersville Fire Department had 79 runs in the borough itself, 187 in West Rockhill, 46 in Hilltown, 15 in East Rockhill and 56 as mutual aid support, figures available on the outfit’s website indicate.