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Biomeds call on state leaders for hospital equipment repair info

PennPIRG delivered a letter to state legislators and the governor Monday, signed by 326 hospital repair experts, calling for manufacturers to stop withholding what biomedical technicians, known as biomeds, need to fix medical equipment like ventilators. It’s part of PennPIRG’s larger Right to Repair Campaign, which aims to remove unnecessary barriers to repair that drive up costs for product owners and increase electronic waste. PennPIRG worked with state Rep. Austin Davis to introduce the Digital Fair Repair Act last month.

“Keeping equipment working under the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic is a matter of life and death,” said PennPIRG Campaign Associate Emma Horst-Martz. “This is no time to squeeze hospitals into paying extra for proprietary repairs.”

Echoing the technicians’ comments, a group of state treasurers, including Joe Torsella, sent a similar letter to manufacturers calling for them to “release all service manuals, service keys, and schematics during this crisis,” for ventilators.

“If we can aid our frontline medical personnel, and help expedite keeping devices like ventilators working, we should do so,” Davis said. “Our hospitals are working really hard and deserve that support.” To view the letter, visit