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Bear sightings cause concern in Warrington


Warrington Township police said they received multiple calls from residents over the weekend saying they had seen a large black bear roaming around the area near the Fairway Golf Course.

“We looked for a while,” said Warrington Lieutenant Robert Meditz, earlier this week, “but we lost sight of it.” The Pennsylvania Game Commission was called in to investigate. Medtiz said, the township has not heard anything back from state officials.

“Hopefully, it got back to a place where it can be safe,” added the lieutenant.

Township police posted the following safety tips from the game commission:

- Bears mate primarily from early June to mid-July

- They are most active from dusk to dawn

- Don’t put trash out until the morning of collection

- Clean garbage can regularly, using bleach

- Clean outdoor grill and properly dispose of grease

- Bring bird feeders and pet food in at night

- Store trash, bird seed and pet food inside a building, garage or secure shed

-Don’t put food out for other wildlife

- Intentionally feeding bears is illegal in Pennsylvania

Officials also warn that if you come across a bear on your property, make loud noises and shout at the bear from a distance, as you would if a dog was getting into your trash. You can also ignore the animal and clean up any mess after it leaves. Follow up by ensuring you eliminate whatever attracted the bear in the first place.

To report a bear sighting, call 911 or the Pennsylvania Game Commission at 610-926-3136 or 610-926-3137.