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Author returns to local schools with “Upside-Down Gardener”

Chrysa Smith, award-winning author of the easy reader series “The Adventures of the Poodle Posse” and picture book, “Once upon a Poodle,” just recently released an entirely different read for children in second through third grade, “The Upside-Down Gardener.”

And she plans on visiting schools in the region, talking to them about her book, inspiration, creativity and writing.

In “The Upside-Down Gardener,” tough city girl Dory Oslo wants nothing more than for the weather to warm so she can see bright colors and finally play baseball. When her mom suggests that she plant a garden and watch the colorful results, she begrudgingly tries it. After a few interesting attempts (including waking up her garden with a pot of coffee, an alarm clock and whistle) and nothing works, she’s ready to throw in the towel.

But what happens next is magical, life-altering and a little fantasy as Dory’s life and imagination are turned upside-down. The story is based on her thwarted attempt at gardening, her life and inspiration from her mother.

Smith has won the Mom’s Choice Award, a Dove Foundation endorsement, and earned a top pick on Amazon’s Children’s Bookshelf.

According to Smith, “Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to ignite a spark. That’s exactly what I do as an author, spending my time in classrooms throughout the Northeast, not only telling my tales, but inspiring children to pick up a pen and give it a try themselves. I’ve gotten feedback such as ‘awesome’ and ‘inspiring,’ which is not only inspiring to me; it assures me that I’m making a difference in kids’ lives.”

Her books can be found on Amazon, in regional bookstores and online at

For information on school author visits, contact her at