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Author Event: Chris Fabricant of the Innocence Project: “Junk Science and the American Criminal Justice System”


Join the Innocence Project's Director of Strategic Litigation for a discussion of the flawed forensic methods that lead to convictions of innocent defendants. He will be interviewed by the Bookshop's Scott Sheldon, a trial lawyer with 40 years of experience.

Chris Fabricant's book, "Junk Science," is a chilling expose of the "bunk" courtroom forensic techniques that are used to wrongly send people to jail. Fabricant will use some of the many exonerations he has won to show how bite-mark evidence, arson analysis, and other "junk science" and bogus scientific opinion is used to perpetuate broken criminal justice system. John Grisham called this an "intriguing and beautifully crafted book" that "illustrates how wrongful convictions occur" and "how they could be prevented."

Free and open to the public.

Event Date
Saturday, June 18, 2022
Event time
7:00 PM
Cost / donation
Free and open to the public
Scott Sheldon, GRUNTLEDMUDGEON@GMAIL.COM, 9738181810
Lectures, Books