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At Doylestown Inn, you can “Buy-A-Brick” for charity


If you need to put a new sidewalk in front of your business, why not make it a way to raise money for local charities, thought Todd McCarty.

The owner of the Doylestown Inn’s “Buy-A-Brick” program is offering opportunities to support five area nonprofits by buying a brick or bluestone as he replaces the walkway in front of the historic inn at 18 W. State St. in the borough.

“I got the idea on a family trip to Disney, when I saw engraved stones in a walkway and thought ‘wouldn’t that be cool at home?’,” said McCarty, a well-known Realtor in the community.

That was just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and so, he waited to launch his charity campaign until this spring.

With room for hundreds of 4-inch-by-8-inch bricks on the 90-foot sidewalk and 32 12-inch square Bluestone pavers, contributors can chose which of the charities they would like their donation to support.

The charities are Mercer Museum and Fonthill; Kin Wellness and Support Center; J.A.G. Fund; Every 90 Minutes; and Humble Heroes of FDNY.

Each of them, McCarty said, plays an “important role in our community.”

The bricks and stones can be dedicated to whomever the donor would like.

“Your message will also inspire our customers to further support local charities,” said McCarty.

More than $10,000 has already been raised, he noted.

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