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Artists Kirby Fredendall and Alex Damevski open their studios


Painter Kirby Fredendall and her husband, photographer and sculptor Alex Damevski, will open their studios to the public to share their newest work.

Their studios, located at 1448 Street Road, New Hope, will be open from noon until 6 p.m. each day, May 18 and 19.

Fredendall’s newest work continues to explore the ever-changing light, color and texture of the landscape in paintings on both canvas and acid-etched tin, as well as pastel drawings.

“My painting are derived from elements that I observe and then pull apart and selectively reconfigure. The viewer is gently led away from a directly observed image to one where a balance is struck between the known and the felt,” said Fredendall.

“The surface is organized into separate areas where one can experience the landscape as a vista across a body of water, as the transparency of light and objects seen beneath the water, and the combinations of light and color that play together among all of these views. The viewer can be drawn deep into the visual space or skate along the surface.

“These shifting points of view allow me to selectively pull elements from the visual experience that most effectively express a heightened awareness of the felt experience of the place. These landscapes on tin are my newest work, reflecting the closest I have come to achieving my goal of capturing the sublime, remembered landscape.

“I do not try to capture a specific place but rather a mood. I try to transport the viewer to a place remembered by the use of subtle color combinations that are found in the landscape. The use of the acid washed tin allows me to create a surface that feels ‘of’ water over which I describe a water place.”

Damevski is a photographer as well as a sculptor. His newest work continues to explore the beauty of the surrounding landscape as well as the structures and people within it. Color, texture, and light are combined to form compelling images that elevate the everyday to the sublime.

Within these new photographs are images that capture the timeless beauty of the Adirondack mountains and lakes, from a sweeping mountain vista to a fisherman caught in a quiet moment casting his line. Shapes, patterns, and colors collide in a beautiful visual alchemy in his photographs of things as diverse as spools of thread to poured liquids.

Most recently, Damevski has been creating compelling sculpture from the fallen wood found throughout his property. These pieces speak to the organic forms in Damevski’s landscape photography.

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