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Letters to the Herald

Artistic or not, vandalism is vandalism


I was disheartened to read the article about the Alexauken Creek Spillway Bridge (“Vandals see a rainbow on Hunterdon County pedestrian bridge,” March 21).

Any destruction to the bridge, whether artistic or not, should not be lauded. The bridge is not her property. And to whoever wrote in permanent pen “Thank you Rainbow bridge people...,” they, too, are vandals.

Certainly the initial desecration was disgusting and the Parks Commission is deeply appreciated for addressing this issue. For those of us who find peace and joy in spending time in beautiful surroundings such as the canal paths, the graffiti, carvings, etc. are a sad commentary on the lack of respect and complete disregard for the natural beauty of the waterway.

Denise Brown-Kahney, Lambertville

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