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The Poet's Corner

Around Our Kitchen Table


The other morning, coming downstairs,

I sensed a tingling in the air - a freakish

early morning lightning streak perhaps.

But then I caught the scent

of buttered toast

and the sounds of kitchen merriment

and knew that I had visitors again.

The last time: Ernest with Scott

and Maxwell Perkins.

(Though they’d arrived late afternoon

in time for cocktails:

mojitos, with mint from the garden,

and gin rickeys.)

Such a fine talk we’d had, of Paris, love,

youth; adapting to aging -

was that possible? Of grace.

Now, I peered around the door jamb,

and I must confess to a jolt of surprise,

at finding, around the kitchen table,

solidly seated, Ganesh, Moses, The Buddha,

Jesus, and Muhammad Peace be Upon Him,

Believe me, they were instantly


I joined them, pausing only to grab

a jar of marmalade they might enjoy.

The conversation flowed freely

eloquent, as you’d expect, harmonious -

and also full of fun, loads of jokes

and giggling, all very silly.

They loved our binoculars

taking turns to watch woodpeckers,

chickadees and squirrels at the feeders,

and gasping in delighted unison

when a fox hurried past among the trees.

And then, before my husband came down,

before I knew it, they were gone.

But were they real? you ask.

Don’t you think you were probably dreaming?

Oh they were real. So real.

As real as the oracles.

As sure as eggs is eggs!

Monica Borrin Flint lives in Newtown. She volunteers as a naturalist at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. For many years, she attended the late Professor Chris Bursk’s poetry workshops and is forever grateful for his poetry and his impact on the lives and writing of so many poets including hers.

Poet’s Corner is curated by Bucks County Poet Laureate Tom Mallouk and supported by a grant to the Bucks County Herald Foundation made possible by Marv and Dee Ann Woodall.

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