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Animal Alliance celebrates 100th cat adoption with Flemington party

Animal Alliance, a local animal shelter in Lambertville, N.J., is celebrating the success of it’s Cat Adoption Program at Petsmart in Flemington with a 100 Cats Adopted event.

Animal Alliance places cats from its shelter into the in-store adoption area, where they reside until adopted. The agency will be celebrating it’s 100th cat adoption with a party at Petsmart in Flemington.

Though Animal Alliance has had a small, shelter-based cat adoption program for many years, the Petsmart cats-in-residence program was started in May 2018 and in less than a year has reached the impressive milestone of 100 cats adopted.

To celebrate, Animal Alliance is inviting all cat lovers to the store 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 16 for refreshments, giveaways and prizes.

“We are thrilled at our successful partnership with Petsmart and for each one oft he 100 cats that now has a permanent home,” said Annie Trinkle, executive director of Animal Alliance. “We will be giving out gifts and prizes to anyone who attends.”

Nadine Johnson, Cat Adoption program director, started the program and has met adopters for each one of the 100 cat placements.

“One of the nicest parts of this volunteer work is the chance to introduce great cats to wonderful people looking to adopt,” said Johnson. “This program has been so successful thanks to the support of Petsmart and its employees. They love the cats as much as we do, and do everything possible to keep them happy and comfortable while they are waiting to go to permanent homes.”

Petsmart is located at 132 Route 31 Flemington, in the Wal-Mart plaza just north of Flemington Circle.

To see cats for adoption, visit Animal Alliance’s website at

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