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Andy Warren launches bid for Bucks County Commissioner


Former PennDOT executive Andrew L. Warren, of Middletown Township, who once served on the Bucks County Board of Commissioners, would like a return engagement.

Warren on Thursday interviewed with Bucks County Republican Party leaders in the hopes of landing the GOP’s all-important primary endorsement.

“The ‘go along to get along’ attitude exhibited by Bucks County’s present Democrat Board of Commissioners has left much for a 2024 Republican-led Board of Commissioners to correct,” Warren said in an open letter of interest he sent to Bucks County Republican Committee Chairwoman Pat Poprik and members of her executive committee.

The three existing commissioners — Republican Gene DiGirolamo, and Democrats Robert Harvie and Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia — have all announced that they plan to seek re-election.

The board always includes two members of a majority party and a commissioner from the minority party.

Warren sat on the board from 1980 to 1995, during which time he served on two board majorities — first alongside Elaine Zettick and, later, with Mark Schweiker, before Schweiker became governor of Pennsylvania.

During those years, Warren had the party endorsement. But in recent elections he has run as a Republican outsider in losing bids for commissioner in 2011, U.S. Congress in 2016 and Bucks County Controller in 2021. He also lost an election for Middletown Township Supervisor in 2011.

Warren, a regular critic of the sitting board during meetings, is the first non-incumbent Republican to publicly enter the commissioners’ race. He is unlikely to be the last.

In his announcement letter, Warren indicated that his platform would highlight open government, responsible stewardship of taxpayer funds and a willingness to weigh in on matters that stretch beyond Bucks County — like immigration, drug use and the national debt.