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Amy’s Kisses releases new children’s book


Jill Perez Gobora, executive director of the nonprofit organization Amy’s Kisses, has written a new book on healthy relationships for elementary school students called “A Bowl Full of Hearts.”

This unique children’s book tells the story of Maggie, who is given a magical bowl. The story follows Maggie through a day in her preschool class – from work time in the block area to fun on the playground. Maggie learns who her true friends are and which friends she should walk away from as she contemplates the poem:

”Now is the time to stop and say,

‘Does this friend make me happy? Should I continue to play?’

If I’m not feeling good and I don’t want to stay,

I will find a new friend and leave straight away!”

“A Bowl Full of Hearts” introduces the 10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship to the youngest learners. Supplemental teaching plans are included in the back of the book so teachers and caregivers can continue the conversation.

The public is invited to hear a reading of the new book, at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 26, during Domestic Violence Awareness month, and to hear how and why Amy’s Kisses will be promoting the book’s use throughout the country. Attendees can also pick up a free copy of the new book. Refreshments will be served. The event will take place at Magic Cottage, 100 Floral Vale Blvd., Yardley.

Amy’s Kisses’ mission is to provide Kisses of Opportunity in the form of healthy relationship educational resources as well as educational scholarships to students in need. Its goal is to celebrate the memory of Amy Perez and her children, Molly and Gregory, and reflect her generosity of spirit, her commitment to academic excellence, and her enduring legacy as a mother and tutor.

Amy Jo Perez, the organization’s namesake, and her two children died Oct. 18, 2011 at the hands of their husband and father. Shortly before the untimely death of Amy and her children, Amy co-founded a successful SAT tutoring business. She was known to praise her students by tossing them a chocolate candy from the silver bowl she kept on her desk.

“A Bowl Full of Hearts” was written by Amy’s sister to honor Amy, Molly and Gregory’s memory and to help create a universal language when discussing healthy relationships, starting with the youngest learners.

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