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“Aging Gratefully” is a book of positives


When he retired Michael Heffler realized he had a rare opportunity.

“Few people in human history,” he said, “have had the opportunity to decide they could do whatever they wanted, within certain limits, with the rest of their lives.

He decided he wanted to get happier and wiser as he got older. “At times its as easy as remembering to smile. At times it’s remembering that I don’t always get to choose the next challenge. I only get to address it and to learn,” he said.

Heffler wrote “Aging Gratefully,” a book that’s his attempt to give readers something more than a smile. “I’m grateful I have the chance,” he said.

Read it, give it as a Father’s Day gift or give it to a friend. You can find it at The Audible version should be available next month.

Michael Heffler lives in Lambertville, N.J. A longtime cyclist, he wrote “Cycling Through Life,” observations made cycling in the Delaware Valley.