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A well-known woman and presidential politics


Dear Friends,

In a moment, I’ll share thoughts about the crowded congressional race in the First District (Bucks and a part of Montgomery counties).

And you’ll see former State Rep. Paul Clymer’s assessment of Democratic Presidential hopefuls, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris.

But first, I received a call about a well-known Quakertown woman who recently left this world for the next at age 103. In just a few months, Mary Gawlenski would have been 104, her granddaughter, Mary Ann Bartholomew, told me.

“My grandmother had a very sharp mind until the very end,” Bartholomew began.

“Mary Gawlenski was very active in community affairs, having volunteered with the Red Cross, Senior Citizens Center, and RSVP Club. My grand mother played a lot of card games, especially Bridge.”

Bartholomew’s mother was only 47 when she died, so Mary Gawlenski must have been like a second mother.

“She was very active at St. Isidore’s Catholic Church in Quakertown,” Bartholomew continued. “In the days of Father Michael A. Sysol, she picked out the statues for the new church. She also helped design the building.”

Father Sysol was the priest who built the Catholic elementary school … using the architectural plans from one of the Quakertown public elementary schools.

Mary Ann Bartholomew remembers her grandmother’s farm on the outskirts of Quakertown at California and Keystone roads. There was a big pond and beautiful gardens.

Think about what Mary Gawlenski witnessed during her 103 years. From the horse and buggy days to seeing an American walking on the moon.

From the days when St. Isidore’s was just a small parish on West Broad Street in Quakertown, to a new church on spacious grounds in Richland Township with over 8,000 members.

And St. Isidore’s recently completed the mortgage. The church is debt free. What a life Mary Gawlenski led!

And now to Paul Clymer. He enclosed a Wall Street Journal article, which was critical of Sen. Kamala Harris, who surprised former Vice President Joe Biden at the first debate. Biden was not ready for Harris.

Here’s Paul’s letter:

“Biden is now trying to regain his lost momentum,” Paul began. “I believe it is too late. Also, Biden is an aged white male. He doesn’t fit the Presidential narrative of the new Democrat Socialist Party.

“Kamala Harris has also signed on to the New Green Deal. Without question, this is a dangerous and ridiculous economic plan. If it were to become law, it would literally destroy the strong thriving economy established under the Trump administration. Capitalism would be history.

“When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for a Senate vote on the Green New Deal, all the Democrat Senators voted “Present,” including Kamala Harris. What conviction these Senate candidates running for President have for this legislation!

“Kamila Harris also supports “Medicare for all,” another dangerous proposal that would ruin health care in America. Enough said!”

It is important to remember that Paul Clymer is a very loyal partisan Republican.

Turning to the local political scene, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick received praise for his opposition of President Trump’s criticism of the four members of congress, all women of color. Trump urged them to return to their countries of origin. “Send them back,” Trump supporters shouted at one of his rallies. Fitzpatrick was one of only four Republican congressmen to condemn President Trump’s racist thought.

Apparently Fitzpatrick will have plenty of opposition from the left and the right sides of the aisle. Democratic Ivyland Borough councilwoman Christina Finello added her name to the future fray. So did Bucks County Prothonotary Judy Reiss and Pennsbury School Board member Debbie Wachpress, fellow Democrats.

In addition, Fitzpatrick may face opposition in the Republican primary; Andrew Meehan says that he will challenge Fitzpatrick. President Trump could welcome GOP opposition to Fitzpatrick. The President can’t be fond of our congressman.

Here’s my question. If the Democrats start an Impeachment inquiry of the President, will Fitzpatrick vote for the beginnings of an impeachment process? It would take a very brave man to aggressively oppose the President. I hope Fitzpatrick will do so.


Charles Meredith