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Letters to the Herald

A supervisor who will look at all sides


I have read the opinion piece about candidate Matt Given that appeared in the local newspapers last week, written by two of my fellow Plumstead Township supervisors. They are registered Republicans and are endorsing Matt Given, the Democratic candidate for Plumstead Township Supervisor.
I was struck by the honesty of what Pete Busillo and Brian Trymbiski said in support of Matt and I want to add my perspective as a fellow Plumstead supervisor.
I worked for 35 years in organizational development and I’ve seen first hand the results of blindly fighting to be right and refusing to listen to other points of view. I’ve also seen some of it in Plumstead in the recent past. Work slows or grinds to a halt and the end results are usually poor.
It has been my pleasure to get to know Matt. Using facts, he will listen to and consider all sides of a situation before making decisions. He is thoughtful, level-headed, open-minded, and fair. The Plumstead Board of Supervisors can only improve with the inclusion of Matt Given.

It is so important that we safeguard our local seats from ugly partisan politics, which is why these two incumbent Republican Township Supervisors endorsed Matt. Matt is someone who can work with people on all sides of the political spectrum.
I very much hope that Plumstead Township voters elect a candidate who will help the board of supervisors effectively handle the work that it is entrusted to do. I believe that Matt Given is that candidate.
Ken Lichtenstein, Plumstead Township Supervisor