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Letters to the Herald

A slalom drive to work on River Road


I work in New Hope at the McCaffreys Market. As a part-time produce associate I take Brownsburg Road East, turn left onto River Road and head into New Hope.
I do this three times a week.
River Road, both there and back, is filled with potholes and patches. Parts of this main artery sink along the shoulders, towards the canal side. The side of the road next to the incline is often flooded.
The center median is a patchwork of repairs, crumbling asphalt and runoff, gravel and earth.

It is a slalom drive to and from work trying to avoid the potentially damaging road conditions.
When can we expect a decent road? When might we see the benefits of the Infrastructure Bill, signed by our president, passed by Congress?
Yuvi Krausz, Newtown