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Letters to the Herald

A hope for parties’ finding common ground


I recently came upon terms related to the Republican Party. They are “principled conservatism” and “principled Republican.” Principled Republicans are committed to our Constitution, the founding ideals, the rule of law, truth and reason.
In a recent Herald opinion piece, James Greenwood, our former Republican congressman, provided pointed examples of the lunacy that grips his party. One example focused on much needed infrastructure repairs and upgrades.
The past president promised to pass an infrastructure bill, which most Republicans supported, but it failed. Under President Biden, a similar package was approved, after much consternation, but was opposed by most congressional Republicans who simply could not give Biden a win. However, 13 Republicans did support the bill because their constituents and the nation need safe communities.
Our Congressman Fitzpatrick was one who put his district above partisan vitriol. It’s important to note that a number of Democrat congressmen also opposed passage of their party’s infrastructure bill.

Now, the GOP leadership threatens to punish the 13 who voted for constituents’ quality of life. Their votes have opened the 13 and their families to insults and threats from the party’s radical fringe.
I hope that “principled Republicans” and “principled Democrats,” much like the congressional “Problem Solvers Caucus” Jim Greenwood described, would gather to find common ground and solutions to remedy the cancerous conditions in this nation’s politics.
In this perilous world, united we stand, divided we fall. And our adversaries are watching.
Michael Frank, Doylestown