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“A Glimpse Through Glass” a hands-on experience

Visitors experience interaction with traditionally hands-off materials


Historic Bethlehem Museum & Sites invites visitors to explore the new curator of collections and exhibitions Brett Peters’ inaugural exhibition.

“A Glimpse Through Glass,” can be viewed through Aug. 28 at the Kemerer Museum of Decorative Arts in Bethlehem.

The Kemerer Museum is composed of three interconnected mid-18th-century homes. The museum is named in honor of Annie S. Kemerer, whose extensive personal glass collection is partially to credit for the inspiration behind the new exhibition.

“We really wanted to create an interactive experience for any visitors that walked through the door, whether that be children or adults,” said Peters.

Pieces by regional glass artists Megan Biddle, Anna Boothe, Scout Cartagena, Will Dexter, James Harmon, Sharyn O’Mara and Leo Tecosky are featured in the exhibition.

While each piece is unique, the common material of glass, and Peters’ tasteful way of arranging the pieces, brings a sense of continuity to the exhibition.

“It’s really truly incredible. The talent that these artists possess, the creativity and the fact that they were willing to entrust us to display their pieces in a really prominent and fascinating way is incredible,” said Peters, when asked about the featured artists.

“A Glimpse Through Glass” offers many hands-on experiences whether it be trying on the Kevlar high-temperature gloves glass artists use, placing paper on glass and coloring to create a glass rubbing to further explore the textures in the glass or shining an ultraviolet light flashlight in the black-light room to see the uranium Vaseline glass glow.

Hands-on learning will occur.

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