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7 reasons to upgrade to electric and induction cooking appliances


(StatePoint) Cooking with gas? Industry experts say there are many reasons to consider retiring your gas-powered appliances.

To help you understand what your kitchen may be missing, Melissa Haber, the vice president of EuroChef USA, the exclusive importer of the Verona and Lofra brands of residential cooking appliances, offers seven reasons why your next home upgrade should include making the swap to electric or induction cooking.

1. You’re health- and eco-conscious. Gas appliances at home are associated with an increased risk of asthma and other illnesses, particularly in children, as they emit harmful air pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and methane, even when they’re not in use. The same pollutants are also harmful to the environment, contributing to air quality issues and climate change. In fact, national annual emissions from gas cooktops are equivalent to the emissions transmitted from half a million cars.

2. They’re easy to maintain. Compared to the metal grates of a conventional gas stove, the flat surface of an electric or induction cooktop is nearly effortless to clean. A damp dish rag and soap works for most cleanup sessions. For more involved messes, a little vinegar goes a long way.

3. They offer safety benefits. With no open flame, electric appliances lower the risk of burns or fires, particularly those with safety features such as “power on” lights and residual heat warnings that inform users when the surface is still hot. Induction cooking also has safety benefits, since only the cooking vessel is directly heated and the surface of the cooktop itself does not retain or give off heat.

4. You value precision. Induction cooking is faster and more efficient than cooking with gas. High-end induction ranges combine elegant design with modern cooking features. They’re are a good example of how accurate temperature control allows you to prepare meals like a professional in the comfort of home.

5. Making changes can be feasible. Installing a gas hookup can be costly, time-consuming and involve inspections. The installation process for electric appliances on the other hand is easier and less expensive. Not able to replace your gas appliances with electric? Investing in a range hood is a sensible solution that can cut your appliance’s air pollution by about half.

6. You’ll be ahead of the curve. A growing number of cities and municipalities are banning new gas hookups for appliances to reduce air pollution and help fight climate change. Making the switch to electric or induction can help you get ahead of the regulatory curve.

7. New options are being introduced. With sales of electric appliances on the rise, a few select manufacturers have taken note, and to meet customer demand, have recently introduced additional options offering style and sought-after features.

“As more consumers have come to realize the value and advantages of electric and induction cooking, it became important to us to offer them the same versatility and style they might expect with traditional gas-powered cooking appliances,” says Haber.

Whether you want to prioritize your family’s health and safety, or you simply want to embrace the convenience of modern cooking technology, electric and induction appliances can be a game-changer in your kitchen.

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