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3 Central Bucks School Board members won’t seek re-election


Of the five Central Bucks School Board directors up for reelection this year, three have chosen not to run again.

After a tumultuous two years that found the school district embroiled in controversies around masking and school closures, LGBTQ+ rights, a new library policy and other issues, this primary election is in sharp focus for many in the 17,000-student district.

Tabitha Dell’Angelo, a Democrat, who represents Region 8, said she won’t run again for two reasons; one health related and the other centered on the nine-member school board.

“This whole past year I’ve been dealing with a cancer diagnosis,” said Dell’Angelo. “But the real reason is that certain people on the board will never work with me. I can’t really accomplish anything; we’re at such an impasse.”

While she feels she would likely win if she ran, she said, “I’d be looking at, at least two years where I can’t be useful.”

Dell’Angelo said, maybe a newly elected board member will see a different result. “My seat needs a reset, a fresh start with the board, where working together is at least a possibility.”

Susan M. Gibson and Tony Arjona are running for her seat. Each has cross-filed in the May 16 primary.

Sharon Collopy, a Republican who has represented Region 6 since 2015, is also not running for reelection. She did not return requests for comment. Republican Leigh Vlasblom, representing Region 3, also chose not to seek another term. She did not return requests for comment.

Running in Region 6 are Rick Haring and Aarati P. Martino. In Region 3, Glen Schloeffel, Dana Foley and Patricia Carman are running. In Region 1, Stephen Mass and Karen Smith are running. In Region 2, Heather Reynolds and Dana Hunter are running.

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