Patriots succumb to Bucks


By Dylan Junkin

Lines reached the streets as thousands of fans, students and players alike crowded into War Memorial Field. The East-West game is under way. In the years since their split in 1969, Central Bucks East and Central Bucks West have become bitter rivals in almost every sport. Football is no exception. The annual East-West game is arguably the most important and meaningful game of the season for both teams. Although West has won the game for the last two years, East looked strong coming into the game.

At 7 p.m. on Oct. 4, the referee blew the whistle, and the game began. Right from the start both teams enjoyed great offensive success. Alex Gibson, a sophomore at East, had a career performance. In the first half alone, he ran for 248 yards and four touchdowns.

His performance did not go unanswered. West seniors John Fitz and Joe Ramos drove the Bucks to success throughout the game. Fitz, the quarterback, threw for four touchdowns, and Ramos caught two touchdown passes and made a key interception.

At halftime, the Patriots trailed by seven points, 35-28.

After an eventful first half, the game settled down. In the third quarter, West increased its lead to 42-28, with Corey Schott receiving a pass from Fitz. Panic began to set in on the East side as West’s lead increased and East’s two starting linebackers, Jack Lamb and Jacob Yerkes, were injured. East quickly recovered with Ryan Kronmiller receiving a touchdown pass from East’s quarterback, Zach Nelsen. East missed the extra point, and the score stood at 42-34.

In the remaining minutes of the game, East attempted to tie the Bucks, without success. The final score was 42-34.

After the game Brian Hensel, the head coach for the Bucks, commented, “The energy that was there made for a great football game.” Ramos, the wide receiver for the Bucks, added, “[It was] a dream come true.”

On the other side, John Donnelly, the head coach of East, was disappointed for his team. “They just put their hearts and souls into it…it was a heartbreaker, no doubt.”

CB West now leads the league with a 3-0 record. East is tied for fourth at 1-2. Next week the Patriots will take on Souderton.