Patriots take charge of conference

CB East girls’ tennis handed CB South its first setback in SOL Continental play, 6-1, on Friday and, at the same time, remained undefeated in the conference. 1st singles: Sydney Lund (CBE) def. Emily Rabinovich (CBS), 6-2, 6-1. 2nd singles: Casey Jacot (CBE) def. Abby Caddick (CBS), 7-5, 6-3. 3rd singles: Jenna Columbo (CBE) def. Devon Grosso (CBS), 6-1, 6-0. 1st doubles: Sydney Twyman and Haylie Laff (CBE) def. Kathryn Wang and Erin Oscar (CBS), 6-1, 4-2 (ret.). 2nd doubles: Sasha Wilson and Avery Twyman (CBE) def. Morgan Jacob and Rachel Salkovitz (CBS), 6-1, 6-4. 3rd doubles: Kristen Ventura and Ashley Weiss (CBE) def. Jen Bilker and Anna Leon (CBS), 3-6, 7-5, 6-4. 4th doubles: Shayna Fink and Maya Patel (CBS) def. Bianca Wu and Caroline Wend (CBE), 1-6, 7-6, 6-2.

Titans tally 185 to top Rams

CB South golf beat Pennridge, 185-197, at home on Thursday. Scores for CB South: Jake Fitts, 36; Colin Johnston, 36; Kevin Anthony, 37; T.J. Anthony, 38; Chris Palkovics, 38; Eric Duncan, 41; Nash Nickerson, 44; and Jack Lawlor, 46. Scores for Pennridge: Andrew Simpson, 37; Nathan Hess, 37; Michael Simpson, 39; Jake Wiley, 41; D.J. Holton, 43; Ben Baker, 45; Cole White, 47; and Ryan Galloway, 55.

Titans hold steady, drop Panthers

CB South golf overpowered Quakertown, 203-221, on Wednesday at Fox Hollow Golf Club. Scores for CB South: Kevin Anthony, 40; Colin Johnston, 40; Nash Nickerson, 41; T.J. Anthony, 41; Jack Lawlor, 41; Jake Fitts, 42; Chris Palkovics, 43; and David Salzone, 45. Scores for Quakertown: Tanner Seislove, 42; Calvin Suk, 43; Ryan Stainer, 43; Johnny Williams, 45; Connor Coulton, 46; Ryan Howard, 47; Danny Reigh, 49; and Ryan Georgiadis, 50.

Rams host entire SOL Continental

Pennridge golf held its annual invitational on Monday at Indian Valley Country Club featuring all eight teams in the SOL Continental. The Rams finished the day 4-3, defeating CB East (207-210), CB West (207-213), Hatboro-Horsham (207-214) and Quakertown (207-230). Pennridge lost to CB South (207-203), North Penn (207-200) and Souderton (207-206). Scores that counted for Pennridge: Nate Hess, 39; Andrew Simpson, 41; Jake Wiley, 41; Michael Simpson, 42; and Cole White, 44. Scores that counted for CB East: Tommy Lewis, 38; Matt Davis, 42; Conner Krzaczyk, 43; Scott Garrett, 43; and Hayden Rousselle, 44. Scores that counted for CB South: Jake Fitts, 39; T.J. Anthony, 40; Jack Lawlor, 40; Kevin Anthony, 41; and Nash Nickerson, 43. Scores that counted for CB West: Reid Moncada, 40; Luca Jezzeny, 42; Steve Natto, 42; Drew Enright, 43; and Brandon Gervais, 46. Scores that counted for Quakertown: Ryan Howard, 42; Tanner Seislove, 45; Ryan Stainer, 45; Johnny Williams, 47; and Danny Reigh, 51.

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