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Educating toward peace: A conversation with Joyce Ajlouny

Joyce Ajlouny, a mother of three, and a graduate of Ramallah Friends School, will at Newtown Presbyterian Church at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 26. She is director of Ramallah Friends School.

The Ramallah Friends School on the West Bank, with classes through K–12, serves local families by providing their youngsters educational excellence. Teaching is based on traditional Quaker values: peace, equality, and seeking non-violent solutions to conflict. Blending traditional educational techniques with novel approaches, the Ramallah Friends School works to help each student become a caring member of their local community and their world.

Coeducational, Ramallah School offers its 1,170 students a thorough understanding of resolving conflict through peaceful means.

In the years ahead, Joyce hopes to secure long-term endowment for Ramallah Friends School, raising funds from graduates and Friends worldwide. As part of this vision for long-term financial sustainability, she also oversees the commercialization of unused, prime land on the school campus.
Joyce is spending this year in the United States with her children, developing new programs for the Ramallah Friends School.

A free-will offering, benefiting the Ramallah Friends School, will be taken.

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